Mens Cycling Jersey

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User-friendly fit, suitable for most, characterizes this short-sleeved cycling jersey for mountain biking, gravel, and road cycling in the summer months.

The Men`s Cycling Jersey is developed with the highest comfort in mind. The front and sleeves are sewn in a soft, lightweight, ventilating, and elastic material, while the fabric used in the back is more robust to create solid, durable back pockets for all cycling necessities. The hip finish is constructed with an exposed elastic band with silicone on the back for better grip between the jersey and bib.

The cycling jersey has 3 back pockets. There is a full-length, divisible zipper and reflective logos on the shoulder and back pocket.

The fit is close enough for competition use and comfortable for daily training - a jersey fit that is praised by many users.

Please note that the colors of the bibs and jerseys do not match each other. Therefore, we recommend black bibs if you choose the color of your jersey. And vice versa: If you choose the color of your bibs, we recommend a black jersey, as the colors do not match each other, despite the similarity in the pictures.

User-friendly fit for both mountain biking, gravel, and road cycling.
Snug for competition and still comfortable for daily training.
Front and sleeves made of soft, lightweight, breathable, and stretchy material.


Some good advice on how to extend the life of your FUSION sport garment
  • Wash before first use. If you ad a little vinegar in the first wash, the colour will stay clearer and last longer.
  • Wash you sports clothing at a maximum temperature of 40° C. Do not use detergent and do not bleach.
  • Use of detergent will limit the moisture-transport of the product. Therefore do not use detergent.
  • Hang-dry your FUSION sports garment. Do not tumble-dry.
  • Be aware of sharp items, edges and Velcro straps on backpacks, belts and likewise, rubbing against fabric and seams of you garment. It may rip both fabric and seams of your FUSION sports garment.



Dimensions are given in kg and centimeters. Prioritize weight, chest and hip height.


WEIGHT 68 73 78 83 88 95
HEIGHT 172 177 182 186 188 188
CHEST 94 100 106 112 118 124
HIPS 94 99 104 110 117 125


WEIGHT 53 58 65 71 78
HEIGHT 162 166 170 174 176
CHEST 80 86 92 99 108
HIPS 88 94 100 107 115


Athletic Fit / Slim Fit 
C3 & C3+