House rules

Updated 24/11/2020

We believe in retail trade in an updated form and put retail trade first. 

FUSION is operated according to a strict and intelligent FLOW principle where we purchase raw materials, plan, manufacture and sell goods in small series à la Sell One Buy One and small weekly orders. This way we avoid overproducing and sending more goods out into the world than is needed.

To ensure the right purchasing, planning, delivery and a sustainable environment in the future, we have introduced these house rules, which we must all live up to. 

  1. FUSION’s products must only be publicly displayed, marketed and sold under the name and business registration number that the dealer is registered under, unless agreed otherwise in writing.

  2. The dealer may display and sell the goods online that the dealer carries in the physical store (within the collection).

  3. The dealer must market and present the FUSION brand and products in a professional manner in accordance with FUSION’s standards and brand guide.

  4. The dealer must regularly participate in training to be able to serve and advise customers professionally.

  5. Only pictures that are available in the FUSION Marketing folder on Google Drive may be used. Images in newsletters, on websites and in other places do not have the relevant rights secured to be used by dealers.

  6. Images in which FUSION products are centrally placed and that are produced by the dealer must be approved by FUSION prior to official use.

  7. Text may not be added to FUSION-produced images or images that FUSION makes available to dealers without prior consent.

  8. To avoid name confusion, the dealer’s brand name may not contain the world FUSION.

  9. The communication about FUSION is as follows:

    “Developed in Denmark and produced in Europe, since 1999.
    Genuine High Performance products, designed with long durability and usability in mind. ”

    All other statements must be approved in writing by FUSION.

  10. Confusion must not occur on material / communication made by dealers.

  11. When using the FUSION name in a payoff for a dealer, part of the sentence must be “The original FUSION store”, “Official FUSION dealer” or “Premium FUSION dealer”, depending on the size of the collection, the store’s visual expression and historical factors. When using payoffs, they must be approved by FUSION.

  12. To follow the flow principle with day-to-day orders, payments follow the same principle. Orders are paid by credit card and thus follow the delivery, unless the dealer is part of a chain agreement. Payment cards are saved in the system so dealers do not have to enter their card information every time.

  13. Intelligent sustainable principle of a weekly order max. This order max. allows for good natural day-to-day growth for us all, with purchasing, production and demand naturally in sync, ensuring that everyone gets faster deliveries and more accurate inventory management. 
    1. Calculating your weekly order max.:
    2. Orders falling outside this are handled / verified manually according to the possibility for delivery.

  14. Because of the flow principle, FUSION can, at any time, stop the deliveries or the cooperation with or without due notice and explanation. This will be done by closing dealer login access. Any outstanding payments must of course be paid. 

As dealers of FUSION products, we all bear a responsibility and we all benefit from the good results.