House rules

We believe in retail in an updated form. In order to ensure the best possible environment for your dealers, we have introduced these four house rules that we will meet together.
  • FUSION's products may only be publicly displayed, marketed and sold under the name of the dealer, unless otherwise agreed in a contractual manner.
  • The dealer may only exhibit and sell the goods online, which is kept in the physical store or is stocky under the dealer name.
  • The retailer must market FUSION professionally in accordance with the FUSION standards.
  • The negotiator must continuously participate in education in order to serve and advise customers in a professional manner.
  • Images, including image and product images, may not be used for digital and offline promotions involving pricing without prior approval.
  • To avoid name/brand confusion, the dealer's brand name must not contain the word FUSION.
  • If the FUSION name is to be included in a retailer's Payoff, it must be in the phrase, "The original FUSION store", "Official FUSION dealer" or "Premium FUSION dealer" depending on the size of the assortment, the store's visual expression and historical conditions. When using Payoffs, it must be approved by FUSION.